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As explained previously in # Day1: Qt is the chosen one! , Qt Support many platforms, and now one of them is the web using Webassmebly as you can build your C++ / qml app without any changes to run as a web app.

This is post is not about building the Qt WASM app but rather to find a hosting service that can help you host your app easily.

My current choice is

  • Free Plan
  • Command-Line support tool to register/add/remove and update projects
  • subdomain support
  • WASM Binary Server-side compression
  • CDN support


npm install --global surge

Use sudo if you want to install as root/admin


  • Make anew folder for your project
  • Get your final build files: app.js app.wasm app.html qtloader.js qtlogo.svg inside the new project folder
  • rename the app.html to index.html
  • run surge inside the terminal in your new project folder
  • it will ask you to register new account with email and pass
  • then will ask you for project folder and project URL
  • you can change the project subdomain as you wish if it was not selected before
  • upload your project



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Amazing read. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for passing by and reading