Make QtCreator looks sexier!!

Make QtCreator looks sexier!!

QtCreator is a great IDE for C++/Qt development but once you compare how it looks like with VS Code it will be a lot off.

But what if you can make looks better by adding a few plugins.

Screenshot from 2020-05-04 02-08-29.png This is How It Looks Like upon setup

qtcfull.png This is how we want it to look like!

Set-UP your Build Environment

I assume you already have downloaded and installed Qt SDK and all development tools, but if not install it based on your OS. If you are in Ubuntu mostly you will need to install cmake from the snap store.

sudo snap install cmake --classic

Get QtCreator Source!

We will need to build and install Three PlugIns to QtCreator we have but before we do that we will need to get the source code for the same version we have.

Download QtCreator Source from here after choosing which version you are using! It should match the same version!

Extract it somewhere in your system.

Get plug-Ins sources.

We will need three plugins sources, download, and install them using the same commands as bellow.

  1. OneDark style additions for Qt Creator

  2. Layout support for additional plugins for Qt Creator.

  3. Tabs for Qt Creator.

  4. Minimap for Qt Creator.

  5. Client-side decorated unified title-/toolbar for Qt Creator.

Build and install the plug-ins

You will need now to extract and install each plug-in one by one using the same command bellow once you are in the Dir of the plugin apply the bellow after changing the path as explained.

mkdir build && cd build

cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DQTCREATOR_SRC='/home/foxoman/qt-creator-opensource-src-4.11.1' -DQt5_DIR='/home/foxoman/Qt/5.14.2/gcc_64/lib/cmake/Qt5' -DQTCREATOR_BIN='/home/foxoman/Qt/Tools/QtCreator/bin/qtcreator' -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH='/home/foxoman/Qt/5.14.2/gcc_64' 


make install

Set the environment for the CMake as follow:

-DQTCREATOR_SRC= QtCreator Source code the one you downloaded and extracted

-DQt5_DIR= Qt5 Cmake Dir in Qt SDK Dir if you did not use the system Qt SDK in Mac/Linux

DQTCREATOR_BIN= Qt Creator Binary File if you did not use the system Qt SDK in Mac/Linux

DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH= Qt Sdk Build Environment folder if you did not use the system Qt SDK in Mac/Linux and windows

Activate the PlugIns in QtCreator

As you will do normally you can activate the installed plugins from About Plugins Windows in QtCreator and restart QtCreator.

qtcplugin.png PlugIns Activation Window in QtCreator

Get to the Settings Window

Now you can change the settings of each plugin from the Options window.

settings.png Setting Window

Final Settings

  • Hide the side Mode Selector Panel from Window --> Mode Selector Style --> Hidden

  • Install OneDark Syntax Theme from Here using this easy command if supported in your system : curl -sSf | sh

fullscrqtc.png And Here Is Our final Look

You May Like To Add qDarkSky Them

  • You Will Have to Re-Build and Re-Install All The Above Plugins For Every Majer Upgrade of QtCreator.

  • Any Bug Encounter using the Mentioned PlugIns Please contact the original Developers.

bymecoffe.png Thank you for your support!